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With Überlube feeling is everything: Excitement. Intimacy. Anticipation. Contentment. Überlube lets you feel all the things you want to feel. For sex and so much more. Überlube was created with sex in mind, but the formula is so pure and perfected, why limit it to just one area of your life?

Sex: Male and female, gay and straight, young and old—überlube makes sex better for everyone by reducing friction, not sensation.

  • Long-lasting performance that lets skin feel skin
  • Simple, body- and condom-friendly ingredients
  • Dissipates when no longer needed—no sticky residue
  • Recommended by leading doctors
  • Scent- and color-free

Fun Fact: Überlube’s measured pumps allow you to dispense the perfect amount of product every time (even in the dark)

Pro Tip: Dispensing two drops of Überlube inside a condom and a measured pump outside will increase pleasure. 

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